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Term & Conditions

Any Person having minimum qualification 10th can apply for DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT
Person having office space minimum 250 sq. ft.
Person should be holding Permanent account no (PAN)
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will provide fresh loan cases and the cases will process on Priority basis on the basis of required documents
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will work only for company, If found works for another Company then his/her
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will be cancelled on a single notice
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will forward applications duly signed by the applicants after Filling all columns with required information along with the documentary evidences and Photographs of the applicants.
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will collect the loan applications of the interested parties after Giving full details and delivers to the company immediately.
To ensure regular payment of installments in the accounts introduced by applicant and Timely deposition of postdated cheque.
To ensure recovery in the event of default/non payment
DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT have no right to violate existing terms & conditions of the Company for granting of loan etc. on behalf of the company
He will not collect any type of cash from the applicant other then commission provided by Company The agreement with DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will be force for the period of 3 months, Agreement copy will be provided only after receiving of Police verification report at least From concern Police station.
If at any time, DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT is found violating the terms & conditions of the Agreement, or is not able to achieve the set targets, then his/her DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT may be terminated, after such termination the DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT Are not entitled to process further loan applications on behalf of India Finace Limited DMA/DSA/

About Our Loans

Our personal loan ranges from Rs, 1,00,000 to unlimited and the loan tenure is for a maximum period of 20 yera. We offer flexible interest rates that suit your budget. However, rates may vary depending on the loan amount. You need to repay the loan online through easy EMIs.

Amount of Loan: You Can Borrow: Rs. 10,000 to 1, 00,000, Rate of interest @ 0.1% to 1% /day, Loan duration: 61 days to 90 days, in very special cases. The approved amount will be disbursed instantly so as not to put you in any kind of inconvenience. Instant loan is our business and we make all endeavour to give you fast loan at all times

Charges for Late Payment: 1% Interest per day will continue to charged up for a maximum of 30 days from your repayment date. Please make timely payment to avoid any late payment charge.